Friday, 24 May 2013

SCEtCH DumP part 1 (mostly just random stuff)

Okay, more seriously now. People have mentioned earlier that they'd like more information about the characters and "stories" behind my scetches. So I'll try to add at least the characters in the drawing, yeah :DD Also, as you can see this is part one of the scetch dump, this is mostly just random shit, the other part will only be drawings from a story I'm working on, so there will be more character introduction like stuff going on in that post

Tried to draw It as a robot, but then I just noped, because the anatomy is so fucked up. I'm sort of laughing at it.

The typical "doodling around insted of doing schoolwork" the coloured doodles and random horns. Guy at the bottom is Nia, whom I also had a drawing of in my WIP dump :D I like to fuck around with colours

More It, this time being a complete homo feminin guy. It basically belongs to a set of four characters, Him, Her, They and It, and I make all kinds of weird story with them, even if they have no "main" story. It is transgendered, and I have fun with changing his gender and sexuality between stories.

Tried drawing robot It again :P

Okay, failed attempt at They, drawing hair, a random pose? and the They again, inspired by the vocaloid song "Panda Hero".

Slowpokes and elf It

Running and climbing pose study and more slowpokes

Did I mention I like slowpoke? Slowpoke is my favorite pokemon <3

A small Carlos portrait that I'm sort of content with, even if it's tiny. He looks content

A baroque dress, and then said dress made into a lolita dress.

Princess Sibir in a ball gown and a Poochyena doodle

There was a meme going around tumblr: "Draw your favorite character in whatever you're wearing". So I drew Dirk Strider from Homestuck :o I kind of half assed most everything, but it still looks okay :P

It appears I failed a lot or something. It, again, this time as a forest spirit.

A random water witch I've tried to design and my fantroll that has no name.

Training on doing Keith's facial expressions. Sometimes I can't even bother with arms

Testing out the colours of my Uno Mechanical colour pencils. I love that macho bunny boy.

Okay, Ymbre with Garowynn at the top. And then there is They being a douche on top right. Him face and "chibi". And Then I tried to draw all four of them as homestucks, I later made actual sprites

I'm not happy with them, but it was fun :D

Ah, last one O: Designing a alien lolita girl, this is also my cosplay for Desucon :D

 Damn, that's it for now, but I'm really looking forward to writing the next post !


  1. I love the tiny one with Carlos, and the eye and nose on the drawing where you tested your colour pencils omfgggg ;w;

  2. Carlooos! <3 Carlos og Keith er her mine favoritter, definitivt. Likte å se det lille bevegelsesstudiet også; virker nesten animert 8D