Thursday, 27 August 2015

Started at the FHS!


This week has been extremely busy! Tuesday I left my mothers place in Nesset, and after a ten hour travel I arrived at my school in Grong. This is a so called "folkehøgskole" often translated to Folk High School or County College. It's basically one year college that doesn't give any formal education, but let's you study a subject of choice for a year! My study program is Cosplay, I'm literally doing a school year of learning how to make cosplays and making them! This school also have some other programs like e-sport and game development.

The first part of our subject is learning the basics in sewing and armor/prop making and today we started our first little sewing project! Everyone in he class is designing their own plushie/pillow animals and sewing them. And even though we don't need to have them finished before Monday, we ended up a group sitting after class sewing and some of us even finished our plushies!

Meet Bønna!

 Bønna is a tiny bean monster!
 He's tiny and angry :O

He also doubles as a neck pillow (but doesn't look very happy getting used like that).

Good night people! Hope you have a wonderful week <3

Monday, 24 August 2015


Hello folks, long time no see! 

Since it's such amazing weather and it's my last day at my mothers place I decided to bring my little boy outside and take some photos! 

I haven't really used my camera in a long time, but recently I've been trying to pick it up again. 

This is my boy Jodie. He's a bit shy and awkward. He likes spending time by himself outside, reading or just daydreaming. 

Thank you for reading <3 Maybe I will write again before a year goes by!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Wig review: Arda-wigs

Hello again people!

It's closing in on con-season again, and like a lot of cosplayers I am coming to a finish with this seasons cosplays! What better way is there to celebrate than to write a review of Arda-wigs, my favorite place to get wigs?

Arda's wigs are high-quality, heat resistent and natural looking. Although they are not the cheapest wigs on the net, you really get what you pay for. I actually think they are pretty cheap considering the quality! They have many styles and colours to choose from, as well as all the accessories needed for proper wig care.

All of Arda's wigs are made of Hiberlon fiber, and are heat resistent. Hiberlon looks a lot like Kanekalon, but I think Hiberlon is in general less shiny and sturdier. I also find them very easy to style. Both Kanekalon and Hiberlon are "japanese fibers". But when you buy wigs from Ebay, "japanese fiber" most always means Kanekalon. I also want to point out that there is a lot of difference between manufacturers when it comes to fibers. I own four different Kanekalon wigs and all of them are different in quality!
Without flash

With flash

 Above is the three Arda wigs I currently own. Far left is Derek in ash-blonde, which is the wig I have used for my Dave (homestuck) cosplay. Middle and far right is Hansel in Ash-blonde and silver. The Ash-blonde hansel is for my Dirk (homestuck) cosplay, but I have also used it for Trickster!John. The Silver is for my Kaworu Nagisa (Evangelion) cosplay.

I have also owned Jareth and Lulu in black, and Eowyn in natural black.

One of the things I often have a problem with when I order wigs is that they are often too small. I have a big head, and when the wig is too small they will not only be uncomfortable, especially over time, they will most probably give you a headache as well! Arda-wigs are very comfortable, and fit even my big head! A lot of cheaper wigs also has this very itchy line of hair in the front, Arda does not.

Picture with flash, because flash reveals the worst side of any wig!
Comparing my Ash-blonde Hansel towards what I believe is an old Eleora wig (the label says so). You can clearly see that the Eleora wig has a very unnatural glow to it. I payed 30 dollars for my Arda wig, my friend who originally bought the Eleora wig payed almost 50 dollars for it. 

A lot of cheaper, or just worse quality wigs are very thin, and are thus harder to style. As you can see on the Eleore wig above. It was hard doing anything with it, bacuse whenever I tried pulling any lock of hair to the side the netting beneath showed. I just put it on the wig stand and it naturally ended up like that. 
It looks so soft *U* so beautiful
 Arda's wigs are very thick, which makes them excellent for styling! I could easily style my Hansel for both Dirk and Trickster!John without having problem with the netting showing underneath. It was also very easy to make spikes that held for a long time.

Wow, it's me! This is my Kodona Dirk, using the Hansel wig! I really think it looks natural, at least on me! When wearing it casually a lot of people think I cut my hair, even if they know I wear wigs.

And what crap quality picture, it's from my phone OTL anyway, here is my silver Hansel, shown with my costest for Kaworu! I am just so terribly happy with this wig you have no idea. I'll probably end up with at least two more Hansel wigs in different colours, they are just that beautiful haha.

Well, that's it for now folks! If you have any questions about Arda-wigs or just wigs in general, you should deffinetly shoot it my way! :D

Bye bye!

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Elikas:The Game - First demo!

Hello again!

Wow, what a month! The second I decided when I was gonna put up the first part of the game my boss called me and gave me a lot of work haha :P I still managed though! So as promised, the first part of Elikas: the game, at the end of the month. 

This part contains the prologue and a tiny little piece of the first chapter. Here you will be introduced to the two main characters as well as the chance to explore a bit around the first city. The prologue is a very small part of the game itself, so you will probably go through it pretty fast. The later chapters will be longer. 

Now, I hope to force out some critiques from the very few people that might play through it. So I made a small survey of sorts to help out. It would be very helpful to me if you filled it after playing <3

-Did you die at any point:
-Was it at any time unclear what to do:
-At what level where you when you stopped playing:
-Did you find a shard before or after talking to Pet:
-Did you notice any bugs:
-Did anything else bother you:
-Ideas for monsters:

I'm starting on the first chapter now. It will take longer to complete than the prologue, but there will also be a lot more to do for you as a player. There will be many new characters, something which I am super excited about! As well as new quests and more map to explore.

Tiny lists of things that has to be done:
-Add people to Honisvagr.
-Finish the storage “dungeon”.
-Make more monster sprites.

Wow, that's it for now folks! :D

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Elikas: The Game

Hello! :D

Wow, did I ever mention that I was working on a really bad Alice game? WOW Forget all about that, way too much work on something that wasn't supposed to be in the firt place Jesus Christ! Plot was bad, tilesets took waaaaaaaay to long. And in the end, some ideas has to be scrapped... But I'm back on the game I was originally working on, and lately I've been SUPER creative and it's really shooting forward!

The Game (the most awesome title) was a loose idea that I and my ex-girlfriend (Trine, also called Moth) was playing around with and although the idea has changed A LOT, the main principle of a "classic" rpg game with these characters stuck with me 'till these days where I ended up actually working on it! Making a game is a lot more work than I thought it would be. I'm really happy the rpg maker community is so good at sharing tips and rescources!

Also, The Game was the reason I originally named my blog TheGamesProgress... That was what it was supposed to be about, until it got postponed haha :'D

Overworld map of the island

The Game is set in the world of Elikas, on a small island called which I just realized has no name. You play as a young girl named Trii (or whatever you decide to name her), she has no memory of who she is or how she ended up on the island. She makes a deal with Pet, who knows a lot about people coming out of nowhere and together they go on an adventure to find the truth about Trii.

The island is loosely inspired by my childhood home, Magerøya. So for my friends that know the place, you might just reconize some of the names!

Sleeping Trii gif that I have posted before uwu
 I have written the script for the prologue, and has started with the first chapter. I'm also almost completely done with mapping the eastern part of the island and I'm a good way spriting some of the characters. I'm done with Pet, Trii and Salin, the characters you meet in the prologue. What I'm getting at here is that the first demo will soon be out! I'm hoping to finish it by the end of this month. I'm super excited!!!
Sleeping bunny Pet!
Wow, that's it for this time folks! Until next time <3

(Wow I sure do write exclamation points a lot!!)

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Where did Pet go? + random art!

Wow! Hello!

If you are uninterested in my personal life and want to see art, just cut to the end of the entry <3

The world outside the wide web sometimes takes it's toll! I just realized I haven't updated since October last year. When I last updated I had just moved to Ålesund with my boyfriend and let me tell you, a lot has happened since then.

The reason I moved from Nesset was because it was nearly impossible for me to get a job there. I ended up sitting day in day out on my butt locked up in my bedroom. I was starting to get really depressed because I was so antisocial. So my boyfriend and I talked back and forth a little bit, and then I ended up moving in with him!! :D

My main goal was to get a job so I had some income to pay for, well, most everything that I need to live, you know. So I've been on a serious job search the entire fall, going for jobs at places like the supermarket and kiosks and shit. But lets be honest, a tennager with barely any job experience and no drivers licsense ain't gonna have an easy time finding a job... So I ended up going to NAV for advice. The ladies I had a conversation with was really nice and helpful, unlike what many other people experience at NAV. They told me that there was more places I could search for jobs, not just the supermarket.

They started asking me about what kind of jobs I would like to have in the future. Like, what I was gonna study for. So I told them that I would like to work with troubled kids and teenagers. They where really quick with asking me if i would like to work in a kindergarden. Well yeah, but i don't have the education for that, that's what I told them. They could then inform me that education wasn't all that neccesary if I went for substitute jobs. My personality was more important, and that would be easy for someone as smiling and positive as me (thank you, thank you, it's really great to hear things like that :')).

And to cut it short now, I ended up searchign for jobs at two kindergardens. One of them is a really tiny garden and rarely needs my help. While the other one is big and there has been a lot of sickness going around, so I have had a lot of work lately! I thought working at a kindergarden would be completely stressing me out. But even thought it's tiresome, I've been having a lot of fun and it makes me feel a lot better about myself! So I now have a job that I really really enjoy, instead of something that I can't imagine I would like. I really like working with kids, and i feel like I'm sort of good with them, unlike adults, I'm no good with grown up people umu''

Things most always take a turn for the better uwu

Lately I've been kind of lazy on the artsy front. But I've got something! Been doing some digital art lately, how unusual :o

I've been into drawing random kawaii girls lately! I'm experimenting with strongly saturated colours. Time to burn some eyes out with our kawaii OUO
This is another random girl, I see her as a sort of happy-sona. I named this picture "I'm not unhappy1", it's kind of a vent picture because for periods I am really tired, but my boyfriend often think I'm sad or unhappy with my current situation. I have never been happier than now! Also, I sort of feel like this picture is unfinished, so i'm thinking about doing something more with it. Add some text or soemthing o:

I drew Kate and Pet :D This was a quick sketch just to experiment a little with colours, but I'm still quite happy with it :3

Hmmm, Pet again! I'm trying to do more poses that aren't just standing right up and down, and also poses that shows the characters personality. It's hard, so hard -cries- The legs on this was a fucking pain in the ass to do. The anatomy in this is generally kind of ugh, just ugh >_>

Ah wow, dark picture! I've been listening to the song "Circus Monster" by CircusP lately, so I wanted to draw a coverpicture of my old utauloid Dominique. I am sure that if I stull did utau covers I would have taken my try at the japanese version of this song! I am pretty pleased with this picture, even thought it's not very interesting to look at.

Wow, a unfinished picture! I worked for a really long time with this, but the more I did, the less I liked it haha... i just wanted to draw Daniel with the same kind of really colourful tired face I have! Superheavy bags under the eyes, red cheeks and shit. I'm starting to see some kind of beauty that is a face with "imperfections", so awesome! Although I am happy with the colours in this, I just felt like the anatomy is very off, and in the end i just gave up... Oh well

HEY A SLOWPOKE, my soul animal! Nothing much to say about this, it's a slowpoke, it's a colouring of a traditional sketch from some time ago. I like it uwu <3

Another slowpoke, in pixels uwu i'm thinking of animating it and shit! We'll see, at least I'm gonna finish the still version  <3 i can tell you that you will see more of this one in the future haha

That's it for now folks, maybe I'll be better at writing entries in the future. Probably not, but hey! At least I'm writing <3 bye bye!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Gamemaking: I am Alice!

I mentioned earlier that I have been working on a couple of games. It has been a dream of mine for a very long time now, and finally it is happening! My boyfriend bought rpgMaker vx ace for me during the steam summer sale, and it works wonders. I've been working on a story named Elikas (more known as just "the game") for a few years now, it's quite a big project and I've barely started maping and making sprites for it, but I realized pretty early on that I'm not really good enough at using rpg maker to make such a complicated game yet, so I started a smaller project.

"I am Alice!" is a small Alice in wonderland inspired creepy story I played around with some time ago, but I found the scetches and a few written parts for it while moving now and decided that this will be my main project for now.

The game centers around the storylines about four different people all named Alice. They all play different roles, one is a queen, then there is a lost rabbit, a mischevous outcast and a knight.

Rabbit-Alice, also known as Him.

Outcast-Alice, also know as It.

The knight-Alice, also known as They.
These are the talksprites for the mains, I had a lot of fun designing and then spriting them. It's not a very complicated style, thick lines and no shading, but it will fit in with the rest of the sprites. Right now I'm working on the tileset for the game, it's a lot of boring work, then there is the overworld sprites for the main characters and random other people.

The thing is, when I'm done with the tileset, I want some people to test drive the game for me. There will not be a lot of storyline going on, but I just need someone to run around, see if everything works and looks as it should! And then later test the game as I work my way through ploting and stuff!

So if you are up for it, just leave comment with you e-mail adress and I will contact you <3 

I will update again when I'm done with all the sprites! :D
See ya'll later folks!<3