Monday, 16 June 2014

Wig review: Arda-wigs

Hello again people!

It's closing in on con-season again, and like a lot of cosplayers I am coming to a finish with this seasons cosplays! What better way is there to celebrate than to write a review of Arda-wigs, my favorite place to get wigs?

Arda's wigs are high-quality, heat resistent and natural looking. Although they are not the cheapest wigs on the net, you really get what you pay for. I actually think they are pretty cheap considering the quality! They have many styles and colours to choose from, as well as all the accessories needed for proper wig care.

All of Arda's wigs are made of Hiberlon fiber, and are heat resistent. Hiberlon looks a lot like Kanekalon, but I think Hiberlon is in general less shiny and sturdier. I also find them very easy to style. Both Kanekalon and Hiberlon are "japanese fibers". But when you buy wigs from Ebay, "japanese fiber" most always means Kanekalon. I also want to point out that there is a lot of difference between manufacturers when it comes to fibers. I own four different Kanekalon wigs and all of them are different in quality!
Without flash

With flash

 Above is the three Arda wigs I currently own. Far left is Derek in ash-blonde, which is the wig I have used for my Dave (homestuck) cosplay. Middle and far right is Hansel in Ash-blonde and silver. The Ash-blonde hansel is for my Dirk (homestuck) cosplay, but I have also used it for Trickster!John. The Silver is for my Kaworu Nagisa (Evangelion) cosplay.

I have also owned Jareth and Lulu in black, and Eowyn in natural black.

One of the things I often have a problem with when I order wigs is that they are often too small. I have a big head, and when the wig is too small they will not only be uncomfortable, especially over time, they will most probably give you a headache as well! Arda-wigs are very comfortable, and fit even my big head! A lot of cheaper wigs also has this very itchy line of hair in the front, Arda does not.

Picture with flash, because flash reveals the worst side of any wig!
Comparing my Ash-blonde Hansel towards what I believe is an old Eleora wig (the label says so). You can clearly see that the Eleora wig has a very unnatural glow to it. I payed 30 dollars for my Arda wig, my friend who originally bought the Eleora wig payed almost 50 dollars for it. 

A lot of cheaper, or just worse quality wigs are very thin, and are thus harder to style. As you can see on the Eleore wig above. It was hard doing anything with it, bacuse whenever I tried pulling any lock of hair to the side the netting beneath showed. I just put it on the wig stand and it naturally ended up like that. 
It looks so soft *U* so beautiful
 Arda's wigs are very thick, which makes them excellent for styling! I could easily style my Hansel for both Dirk and Trickster!John without having problem with the netting showing underneath. It was also very easy to make spikes that held for a long time.

Wow, it's me! This is my Kodona Dirk, using the Hansel wig! I really think it looks natural, at least on me! When wearing it casually a lot of people think I cut my hair, even if they know I wear wigs.

And what crap quality picture, it's from my phone OTL anyway, here is my silver Hansel, shown with my costest for Kaworu! I am just so terribly happy with this wig you have no idea. I'll probably end up with at least two more Hansel wigs in different colours, they are just that beautiful haha.

Well, that's it for now folks! If you have any questions about Arda-wigs or just wigs in general, you should deffinetly shoot it my way! :D

Bye bye!


  1. When you wash the hansel wig, does the sort of wavy style it comes with stay afterwards?

    1. Yo, sorry for the late answer! :D If you wash the wig in cold water the style will stay just fine!

    2. Yo, sorry for the late answer! :D If you wash the wig in cold water the style will stay just fine!