Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Getting ready for desucon :D cosplay and lolita

Alo peeps <3
So yah, early this morning I stepped out on Gardemoen airport yet again. I'm in Oslo, my favorite city (lol), with a bag that weights 16 and something kilos. It's con season dun dun dun and it's just few days since I actually finished my coord for desucon o:

Desucon is norways biggest anime/sci-fi/fantasy whatevs convention and I've been attending it every year since 2008. I'm having some serious con-nerves, it's a really long time since I've been to a con as I moved away from Oslo and haven't really had the money to travel here for every con u-u

Anyway, I thought that I should show you guys some of my pre con preparations, as I've been tumbling my way through the whole thing yah. So be aware of silly gifs hah

Okay, on day one I'm gonna cosplay Dirk Strider from homestuck, my little sister is going as dave. And While I had originally planned to do normal Dirk, I sort of just decided to not do it and do Kodona (boystyle) Dirk instead.

By face is so pudgy lol I don't really think I fit to cosplay Dirk, but he is one of my favorite characters and I just can't resist. Also those sunglasses fuck yeah

On the second day I had originally planned to cosplay a alien in lolita. But I couldn't get the makeup right, so in the end I just decided to go for a sort of OTT lolita coord.
 This was what I had originally planned, you see the white make up and shit. I had bought Ben Nye Liquid make up and while the darker colours are really good, the white kept cracking up on my face. If I could stay completely emotionless an entire day it wouldn't be much of a problem, but I can't stop myself from smiling so it's no good. I want to try a different kind of makeup later, Snazaroo or something dry.

So hey make up testing, it looks great on my crappy webcam, but in real life it's all cracked up and shit.

I made myself a super kawaii bunny headdress and decided to base my coord on it. So a lot of cute jewelry and this wig which is really really un-loli, but I do what I want hah No make up here, I was way to tired to bother, but at least I found all the accessories I wanted to use, and also fixed my purse *u*

Hopefully I will get better pictures of both my outfits at desucon, I'm not very good at taking pictures of myself, especially not in my tiny little room haha

And since I'm already showing of cosplays and shit I will sling in MORE GIFS YEAh
Roxy Lalonde from homestuck o:

I'm extremely silly as Roxy and while I haven't planned on using this cosplay at any con, I'm hoping for some kind of cosplay meetup while in oslo uwu I brought her along with me weehaw

And then a closet Matryoshka Vocaloid cosplay. I'm hoping to finish this one day, it's a lot of fun to wear, even just alone in my bedroom haha ans I want to do a Panda Hero cosplay after this uwu I also think my face looks pretty with this super animu make up <3

Haha yah that's it for now folks uwu I hope to meet a lot of cool people at desucon and maybe I'll blog about that too later hah <3


  1. Aaaaaaaaahhh! Nei, jeg driter i all serielolgreiene, men HERREMIN SÅ SKJØNN DU ER <3 Jeg blir så glad av å se deg! Og omg, du ble så totalt ikke ferska i å giffe deg selv på siste giffen! Vil vandre i kostyme en gang med deg ;___; Se om du treffer noen av venna mine a!

    1. Aaaahhh takk, du er så søt ;u; jeg ble ferska, kjempe ferska u-u Jeg har lyst å lage Salix cosplay en gang, også kan du kle deg ut som noen, også kan vi dra på con, men vi trenger ikke være på conet en gang, vi kan bare gå rundt og fjase og synge og shit uuuuuu ;__;