Sunday, 10 March 2013

Decorated antlers

Yello folks :D
I don't think I ever mentioned it on here, but some time ago I bought a pair of reindeer antlers to decorate and use as a headdress. They have been sitting in my closet forever, but yesterday I suddenly felt like I should do something with them! I took some progress photos while working, so I can show you guys <3

 Here you can see the antlers before I started painting them. I've buffed them first to make them easier to paint and to get of som dirt. You can also see that the skull part is broken.
 Starting with a base layer og white paint. I'm using acrylic paint, and it seems to work well on the dry textured surface of the antlers. The paint is a bit thin though, so I had to do at least four layers before the original colour was completely covered.

After having gotten the antlers comepletely white I found my thinnest paint brush and started to make swirls and lines on them. I regret not making the tips gradiented, but other than that I'm pretty happy with them. I'm thinking of buying a couple of cheap pearl necklaces and some roses to decorate them even further. I also need a way to fasten them to my head, as a normal headband wont be steady enough. I have a smaller pair of deer antlers that are screwn onto a plastic headband, and they are very unstable and needs the wearer to keep their head up at all times.

Hope you find this interesting, and if you have any tips on sticking them to my head, I would be very happy to hear :D
Bye for now folks!


  1. OOooh, kjempestilig! o:
    Det minner meg om at jeg har lyst til å redesigne Phenomena en dag... alle de mopianske gudene trenger litt fiks, slik at de kanskje blir litt mer gudelig-utseende...

    1. Jeg er strengt tatt ferdig med å redesigne både Carlos og Salix, Salix trenger bare litt farger >_> Pet er menneske så hun får ikke nytt design... hmm..