Thursday, 27 August 2015

Started at the FHS!


This week has been extremely busy! Tuesday I left my mothers place in Nesset, and after a ten hour travel I arrived at my school in Grong. This is a so called "folkehøgskole" often translated to Folk High School or County College. It's basically one year college that doesn't give any formal education, but let's you study a subject of choice for a year! My study program is Cosplay, I'm literally doing a school year of learning how to make cosplays and making them! This school also have some other programs like e-sport and game development.

The first part of our subject is learning the basics in sewing and armor/prop making and today we started our first little sewing project! Everyone in he class is designing their own plushie/pillow animals and sewing them. And even though we don't need to have them finished before Monday, we ended up a group sitting after class sewing and some of us even finished our plushies!

Meet Bønna!

 Bønna is a tiny bean monster!
 He's tiny and angry :O

He also doubles as a neck pillow (but doesn't look very happy getting used like that).

Good night people! Hope you have a wonderful week <3

Monday, 24 August 2015


Hello folks, long time no see! 

Since it's such amazing weather and it's my last day at my mothers place I decided to bring my little boy outside and take some photos! 

I haven't really used my camera in a long time, but recently I've been trying to pick it up again. 

This is my boy Jodie. He's a bit shy and awkward. He likes spending time by himself outside, reading or just daydreaming. 

Thank you for reading <3 Maybe I will write again before a year goes by!