Saturday, 29 December 2012

Because "no" means "no"

When men wont leave you alone.

I had quite a nice day today, spent it with some friend that I haven't seen in a long time. Being with friends in a big city is no problem, but after they had left, I decided to roam around a little on my own. It's not unusual for me to get approached by men, most of the time they just tell me they like my dress, some kind of simple compliment, and then they leave me alone.

Not today though.

This man started following me around inside a store, trying to converse about clothing, saying that I would look nice in some shirt. I had to tell him over and over that "it's not my style", "I don't like that colour" and things like that. In the end I gave up and let him buy a shirt for me. He talks extremely bad norwegian, I start talking english to him, he talks english a little better than norwegian at least. he now thinks I'm british, great, I can tell him I don't live in norway, I'm just here on a vacation.

The thing is, when men approach like this, they turn persistent, they wont leave me alone, and sometimes, like this guy, they start following me around town. He asked if I wanted coffee, or something to eat, or maybe some chocolate, and over and over again I had to tell him "no", "I don't like coffee, "I've already eaten", "I'm full" lying over and over, because I do not want him to buy me stuff! Then he started to nag me about my phone number. I have done the incredibly stupid mistake of giving away my number before, and then having them call me and send me messages, and then not having the guts to tell them to leave me the fuck alone.

He started stalking me down to the bus, because I said I had to go home. He asked if a wanted a cigarette, I said very sternly "I don't smoke.", he said he new of a good disco close by, "I don't dance," I don't party," "I'm not particulary fond of places cramped full of people." I start loosing my calm with him, because I just want him to leave me alone, but I don't want to be rude. He asks about my phone number again, I tell him I don't give my number to strangers, he tells me that he wont be a stranger if I get to know him more, I tell him no, again, and he asks why, and this is when I finally snap, "because NO means NO." And he just looks at me, he is shocked, but tells me ok, it's alright. And then I manage to shake him off in a small crowd.

And then I started thinking, because it's kind of been a long time since I last ended up in a situasion like this, and I wondered, what did I do back then?

I said I was going home to my girlfriend, I said I was a lesbian. Now I pretended to be some english way-to-good-for-you kind of girl..? Being a lesbian worked better.

But what then hit me was, why should I have to excuse myself? This guy is creeping me out, following me around, he looks like he is older then my father and is intruding my personal bubble. Why should I have to be nice to him when I have already told him no?

Friday, 28 December 2012

Winter garden

Like I mentioned in my last post, there's a lot of snow here in Oslo, so I decided to go out in the garden to get some pictures of the cold winter.

 Uh, yeah, lots of ice and stuff thats cold |D And here's a bonus pic of my sister failing in the snow:

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas mo-ho

Late marry christmas everyone :D

I have had a wonderful christmas, or a generally wonderful december! And I hope you all have had a great time too <3

I'm in Oslo now for christmas vacation, and have spent a lot of time with my dad and little sister, and I have been eating so much food lately I think I might turn fat. There's also a shit TON of snow here, it goes all the way up too my knees! I'm not used to have a lot of snow, so it's almost exciting. Almost.
Anyway, I raked together some really sick loot this christmas, my dad gave me a camera, and I've been putting it too good use :D

 Look at all this awsome stuff! It's all so cute and pretty much useful in one way ot another <3
(hipster Kitty is judging you btw)

Here's the bracelet and some new gloves I bought!
 So perf omg

What kind of gifts did you get? :3

Monday, 26 November 2012

Brands that I like: Noa Noa

Heyo :D
Today I thought maybe I should write a bit about clothing, as I am looking for a new christmas dress.
While I can't find a dress I want, I have found inspiration for some post I could write on here :P

Starting with this one, brands I like: Noa Noa
This is a danish brand I think, and while the webpage I'm looking at right now doesn't have a lot of their clothing, they have a store here in Molde that I quiet enjoy sneeking a peak inside every now and then. Noa Noa's shit is expencive, but I would say their designs are worth it!
 This dress is really nice, I love the neck and the super cute puffy sleves <3
 This jacket, has a really original design, and I think it would look great with a belt or something!
 White on white whoo. This one is so awesome and would be great for layering :D
Oh look, a loliable blouse :D Wear a nice, puffy skirt with it DONE and it's not all that expencive either o:
 This top is really cute, and I think coording it would be no problem, you could wear it over a simple blouse, and with tights or a skirt. It would be so perfect for everyday wear <3

That's it for now folks :D Bye

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Old stuff that I've made

Long time to see :D
So here I am again, and I am finally writing a proper post!
I found my old cell phone pictures, the pictures of some of the jewelry I've made, and I thought it was time to write a bit about them :3 The pictures aren't all that amazing, but it's better that nothing.
I was hoping to open an Etsy shop a beautiful day, but I haven't come that far yet, so I jsut sit around with a ton of jewelry that I won't use.
 A reindeer pendant made of silver, it was a task in school, and I am quiet happy with it :D 
The antlers were the hard part, my teacher was afraid they would probably break and that's why I incoperated the sami sun symbol behind it's head, my teacher loved it and my classmates semmed to love it, and I hope my friend who recieved it as agift loved it~
 This is a variety of hairclips that I've made, I really like the one with the cow button <3
 This project also started as a task in school, we were to create jewelry of things that weren't typically made to be  pretty, so I think I made three of these at school, but I never got them back, and then these at home.
 A bracelet to the left and necklace to the right. They are made of ribbon, beads and these little bottles that I filled with some white stuff~
 Everyone seems to like this necklace, but I'm not all that happy with it?
 A necklace (top) and bracelet (bottom) set, with maching key and keyhole :D
The bracelet is really large and falls of if i try to use it x3
 This is a double brooch, also with a key and keyhole, there's needles behind both the leaves :3 It's fun experimanting with pieces like this!
 A close-up of the brooch's keyhole
 Another bracelet, made of blue chan and random stuff, like that Miku x3 the little pink ball is a bell.
And this was originally a hairband, but the flower ornament kept falling off, so in the end I gave it up |: 

That's it for now folks, hopefully it wont take this long before the next time I blog :D 
Bye <3

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Tumblr art blog!

Short update again!
I have a tumblr art blog, where I upload art much more frequently than here or deviantart, I also upload wips and drawings that I don't think is good enough  or too "simple" for deviantart, so yeah!
Check it out :D

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Moved and ready for more boxes!

I'm really bad at keeping this blog updated, BUT BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!
But yeah, like the title said, I have moved! Moved from Oslo to Molde, new house, new city, new school, everything is new!
Changes are awesome though, even if I miss all my friends and all the shops in Oslo. This place is absolutely gorgeous, and I feel like a fresh start was needed to keep me motivated for school.

And my new room is awesome! Me and my mom is driving to Oslo this weekend to get all my boxes from my dad, and hopefully, when I'm all done packing out and decorating my room, I'll get some pictures, because, damn, I already love it here <3

I miss having a scanner D: I've been drawing a lot traditionally lately, and I kind of want to scan all the shit, but as we just moved here, the scanner is yet to be found >_>

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Hello :D

The books I bought at the flea market a few months ago has been sitting around for so long, and it was finally time for me to do something with them, and I'm not talking about reading.
A friend of mine celebrated her 18th birthday this friday, and I wanted to make her something special. Even if the plan was to originally make book hats, I decided it was better to make a bag for her. I was really scared she wouldn't like it, but everyone thought it was super awesome -dance-

So yeah, as you see I choose to use some satin ribbon for the strap, I wish I had a proper buckle and stuff, but ugh, ribbon will do :)

 Just a closer look, you can see that the book is pretty worn out.

 Let me tell you about Jefu

It's not very beautiful inside, it doesn't have a lot of space either, but I guess the bare necessities will fit (cell phone and money).

Anoter inside view.

And from the side! 

That's basically it, but I don't think it will be too long untill I can make another post showing of some stuff I've made. I've been feeling pretty creative lately :D
And also, Desucon is this weekend, so I guess I shoud make a post about that too :3

Bye bye folks!

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Five things I want

Hello people!

This is stupid, but I wanted to write about it, so I guess it goes :D
So this is five things I want that I'm hopefully gonna buy soon <3

1. A straw hat
I want a straw hat that I can use in the summer, and I guess I will buy one the second I have money again! I want one that is really big and preferably with a bow or something, it will go so well with my SUPER dorky heart shaped sunglasses B)

2. A pair of white lolita shoes
I almost never wear dark clothing anymore and the only pair of nice shoes I have are black, it would just be great to have a new pait of shoes.
I love shoes!

3. A laser harp
I just found this amazing thing a few days ago, and I think I have fallen in love <3
And I really want to start playing an instrument, I just thought this would be a fun one to do! 

4. The "Dear Celine" Little Bunny JSK
I have wanted this JSK from the first time I saw it and I have been planningt to buy it for a long time, hopefully I'm gonna get it before the winter <3
5. Alberta
Alberta is a doll by Doll-Chateu that I have wanted for some time now, so I'm finally going to buy her after school starts :3

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Eurovision song contest :D

Tonight is Eurovision song contest Baku.
So, it's been a thing for me the last for years to see the show, and even if I dislike most of the songs, I still really enjoy it xD Also, this year, I haven't heard any of the songs on beforehand, not even the norwegian one!
So I guess enjoy the night and the post, I'm going to comment on all the songs, so... uh :D

After noticing that I was an hour to early for the show, it finally started!
The opening show is just awesome, the stage is AMAZING, can't wait to see the performances later!
I must say, Russia had the most epic opening show, but Azerbajian is nor far away from that level!
Last year winners look fabolous too!

First out United Kingdom with the song Love will set you free.
Cute song, beutiful stage show. He is a very skilled singer too!
It's very good, but I think it's a bit to boring to win :/ a very typicall UK song I would say :)

Second Hungary and the song is Sound of Our Heart.
Vocalist sound really nervous...  I really don't like his voice, sorry, and the song is really boring.
Wow... this song is really bad, I just uh...

Third out now is Albania with the song Suus.
I like her voice, but the way she dress is questionable xD
The song is awesome, and the notes the singer hits it's just gaaaawd <3
I wish I understood what she is saying!

Fourth Lithuania and the song is named Love is blind!
This song is just really cliche >_>
It's kind of pretty, but I can't see it winning the contest.
Epic plot twist, stuff like that always blows me away

Sorry, had to eat, so ugh >_<
Russia was, what, I don't even, I don't think they are trying to win, but it was very cute anyway >u<
And iceland was just amazing, love it!

Eight song Cyprus.
I don't think the song is particularly good, it sounds like the singer is slightly of tune >-<

Ninth is France with ugh, didn't catch it... was looking at shirtless men...
Omg omg, hello lady, hallo Gentlemen.
The song is catchy too, kinda uniqe :o
and super sexy hahah >D

Tenth is Italy with the song L'amore é femmena
Wooh, she looks really cool and I love her voice.
I like this song! <3

Now Estonia and the song is Kuula.
Awww, I just want to hug him, so sweet <3 the song is just awww <3
Really good song, wish they did a little more on the stage though, a little more stage show.

And now NORWAY,  song is Stay.
Toji looks awesome as he enters the stage!
The song is good, but I don't really like the way Toji sings >.>
Still loving the song though and the stage show was good :D

Azerbajian with the song When the Music Dies.
She looks lovely, and the first impression of her voice is that this will be good <3
She's giving me the chills! The song and the stage show is awesome!!!

Now Romania and the song is Zalehila (?)
What bag pipes? This is kinda awesome! I WANT TO DANCE :DD
Super cute, but not very original, but I like it.
Everything is super sweet <3

DENMARK with the song Should've have Known Better.
It looks nice, and I think the song will be good, it's a bit boring now.
Still waiting...
They look good, but the song is boring >->

Now is Greece and the song is Aphrodisiac
 Oh, hello :D
Really wow, I LOVE the stage show and the dancing and they look so happy, even if the song isn't the best.
Now it is time for dancing again! -dancing-

And then it is Sweden with the song Euphoria
This is really good, I can see why they are one of the favorites!
woooh, really amazing stage show!!! 
Love <3

Now Turkey with Love me Back.
just super fancy, if he sings good, I'm gonna love it <3
This song is super much fun :D He sings with a bit too much vibrato, but it's still pretty cool :D
Loving it <3

Now España with the song ... something spanish :D (stay with me)
Mmh... okay, but meh...
She's not a bad singer, but the song is boring...
Okay, shit, her voice is awesome! but the song D:

next out is Germany with the song Standing still.
This song is super adorable, but not very exciting :)
And it sounds like the singer doesn't hit all the notes.

Out now is Malta and the song is This is the Night.
First impression: cool :D
The song isn't the best, but just the way they act on stage is a big plus, loving stage show <3
Actually I really like them! So energic :3

F.Y.R Makedonia with the song danjvdjnvajndjkafb >m>
It's good, i love her voice and the piano, but I can see a guitar and drumset in the background >D
OMG YESSSSS, niiiiiiceeeeee <3
I think this might be one of my favorite songs gawd <3 so goooood!
Guitar SOLO!
Let me love this <3

Now out is Ireland with the song Waterline
Oh gawd, it's them :D they are so cute, but I don't like they're voices, it sounds so sour D:
But I will always love the way they act on stage, so energic and cute <3
awww <3

Out now is Serbia and the song is ... kjnkjjkn STOP IT D:
Oh nice, so pretty, let me tell you about my love for violins >D
Vocalist doesn't sound bad either.
oh oh ho, yess, so pretty <3
I really like this song <3

Ukraine with the song Be My Guest.
Love her headwear :D The song is okay, it's energic and that's good, a dance for this one too <3
But it's not super catchy though >-> She is a good vocal though.

Last but not least Moldova and the song is Lautar... or something.
Yess, Moldova is doing it again, super cute and funny <3
Aww, I really like this song :3 I love the dancers, they are so cute heaha :D

What is your meaning of this years Eurovision? What is your favorite song? your least favorite?

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Lopper :D

Hello everyone :D
Today, I and my girlfriend went to a flea market, and I actually found something really cool:
Deer antlers! I'm so happy, and I got them for only 5.36 USD/ 30 NOK <3
So I'm probably going to make a headdress out of them pretty soon.
Some books :D I'm going to make book hats out of the three first ones, and the other two are for my personal collection :D
This one is kinda destroyed, it's really old, it was made in 1892, old thing... and while looking through it I suddenly realised it was a book about Jesus, the title even says "Jesu liv (Jesus' life)", but I suck at reading that old font ha ha~


I have finally started working on my Vriska cosplay, so I think I'll make a post about that very soon :D and I'm also 99% finished with my Severus Snape cosplay, I kinda want another pair of shoes, but I don't see it very important :3


All comments and feedback are very appriciated <3
Bye bye <3 

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Amazing antlers!

Lately I have been really obsessed with raindeers and their antlers, and then I found these quiet amazing headdresses.

Vey short post, but it was all for now :3
Happy easter :D