Monday, 26 November 2012

Brands that I like: Noa Noa

Heyo :D
Today I thought maybe I should write a bit about clothing, as I am looking for a new christmas dress.
While I can't find a dress I want, I have found inspiration for some post I could write on here :P

Starting with this one, brands I like: Noa Noa
This is a danish brand I think, and while the webpage I'm looking at right now doesn't have a lot of their clothing, they have a store here in Molde that I quiet enjoy sneeking a peak inside every now and then. Noa Noa's shit is expencive, but I would say their designs are worth it!
 This dress is really nice, I love the neck and the super cute puffy sleves <3
 This jacket, has a really original design, and I think it would look great with a belt or something!
 White on white whoo. This one is so awesome and would be great for layering :D
Oh look, a loliable blouse :D Wear a nice, puffy skirt with it DONE and it's not all that expencive either o:
 This top is really cute, and I think coording it would be no problem, you could wear it over a simple blouse, and with tights or a skirt. It would be so perfect for everyday wear <3

That's it for now folks :D Bye

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