Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas mo-ho

Late marry christmas everyone :D

I have had a wonderful christmas, or a generally wonderful december! And I hope you all have had a great time too <3

I'm in Oslo now for christmas vacation, and have spent a lot of time with my dad and little sister, and I have been eating so much food lately I think I might turn fat. There's also a shit TON of snow here, it goes all the way up too my knees! I'm not used to have a lot of snow, so it's almost exciting. Almost.
Anyway, I raked together some really sick loot this christmas, my dad gave me a camera, and I've been putting it too good use :D

 Look at all this awsome stuff! It's all so cute and pretty much useful in one way ot another <3
(hipster Kitty is judging you btw)

Here's the bracelet and some new gloves I bought!
 So perf omg

What kind of gifts did you get? :3

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