Saturday, 20 July 2013

An entire blogpost with pictures of me and why I look like that

I'm back again people, now with even more pictures of my face
okay, so, this is what happens when people continously ask for me to put pictures of my clothing and shit online. I'm really bad at "showing off" and taking pictures of my daily clothing, most because the full body mirror I have in my room hangs on my door, and my writing desk is placed right in front of it. And I'm to akward to take pictures any other places. Except for the changing room at clothing stores, I often take pictures of the clothes I try, mostly for fun, but also for future references hah uwu'

I'm also gonna talk a little about where I get my clothing uwu I'm a big fan of thrift shopping and hand-me-downs, so my warderobe is actually pretty cheap...

This is really old, but I'm so fond of this coord. i don't have that blue top anymore, as it was starting to tear (I used it a lot). This is a good example of hand-me-downs, the top, shorts and cardigan-thingie used to be someone elses, but then they were given to me ^^
The stockings are Alice in Wonderland inspired, they used to have bows with 'this way' 'that way' sings on them, but I took them of after washing them once...
Stockings can be found here:

This is me showing of my pink hair and one of my head eating bows. It's a Bodyline hairbow, with the pony carusell print in blue uwuI have the skirt for it too, and i'm sort of hoping to get my hands on the Jumperskirt as well

And this is me going "my hair is still kind of pink, and really good looking"
They have this skirt at h&m and it's soooo awesome, but it's expensive and I don't really need it -cries-
You can also see my favorite shoes here, haha, I wear them a lot! They are quite comfy, especially considering the heels, and they are supercute rrrr. Also bodyline hah

My newest lolita dress uwu I'm halfway sitting on top of my writing desk to get this picture ugh. This is also a Bodyline dress, the blouse is thrift shopped from Fretex!

COSPLAAY SELFIE not like that has ever happened
These are the most ridiculous sunglasses ever

My hair the day after it was cut short again uwu my boyfriend took this picture hah
My head and face before going to the Gay pride festival "skeive dager". Toji, a norwegian celebrity, told me I looked pretty ouo
I made the ivy crown and the flower clips myself, the pendant on my necklace was made as a gift from my boyfriend~

Crappy bathroom picture of my "skaive dager"-coord hah. I bought that belt the day before, it cost me 20 kroner! This is the same thrift shop bluse as earlier, and the skirt was bought in Sweden

Me going "NEW SHOES :DDDD" Sock from Bodyline, and shoes from sparkjøp.

Me going "NEW TIGHTS"i bought them from a booth at Desucon, so I have no idea what brand they are...
me taking a picture fo my foot, when my little sister decides to interfere.

Trying skirts at Gina Tricot uwu I love this store, and I'm so sad they don't have it in molde -cries- They had a sale, but none of the skirts I liked where in it, so I ended up buying a new jacket that normally cost and arm :D

OKAY so the pink skirt ended up on a sale later, so I now own it haha

And then there's me, still at Gina Tricot, taking picture of my shopping cord :D I love this blouse a lot, it comfortable and super cute *u* The shorts are also hand-me-downs.

Beware of another shitty bathroom picture. But this is the new jacket I bought, I've been drooling over it for a long time now, so I basically pissed when I saw that there was a major discount on it.

While there aren't a lot of pictures of my lolita clothing, most of it is bought from Bodyline. While some of the items they have are really bad quality, they are producing more and more cheap quality lolita clothing. I love them a lot okay uwu

Whooops, that was it, folks, now I'm gonna crawl back into the hole where I came from uwu''


  1. Boooooooyfriend? Skjer med at du ikke oppdaterer meg på noe som helst i livet ditt!! ;_;

    1. Når det kommer til sånn kjæreste greier så er det fordi sist jeg fortalte at jeg hadde fått kjæreste så var svaret ditt "og jeg har en buse i nesa". Så jeg tenkte ikke at det interesserte deg.

    2. Menmen.. du veit jeg kan være passe tilfeldig av meg D: Det var ikke sarkastisk ment på noen som helst måte... Og det forklarer likevel ikke alt annet jeg går glipp av?

    3. Hva annet har du gått glipp av? Livet mitt er kjedelig D:

    4. Jeg vet vel ikke hva jeg går glipp av D: Men jeg må tilstå, at jeg kjenner mer og mer at jeg føler meg ensom og relativt alene. ._. Men det går seg vel til når jeg begynner på skole...