Friday, 4 October 2013

Did Pet die?????

I did not, actually, I just haven't had much will to write anything lately... Shame on me, I have a lot to upload and show off. More to come later I guess!

First of all, a small update on my life: I am currently packing my all my stuff so I can move to Ålesund, I'm moving in with my boyfriend! Right now I live in a place that is quite literally the middle of nowhere, it is fifteen minutes driving to the closests busstop. I don't have a driver licsense and it has been problematic for me to get around anywhere without having to rely on my mom to drive me. Also, getting work here is close to impossible! I've been hunting for a job for quite a while now, it's not easy... But hopfully I can find something in Ålesund, if not, I might have a major problem haha ha...

I'm also taking two subjects as internet studies, math and nynorsk. I suck so badly at math, so I'm having a really hard time solving the tasks >-< and with nynorsk, I'm still waiting for the teacher to set a grade on my first text, she's so slow!!!

My boyfriend bought me rpgmaker vx ace as a gift during the Steam summer sale, so I've been working on and off with a couple of games! It's super exciting, I can finally do a project I've been planning for years now! I'm also having a lot of fun doing the sprites, I'm not very good with pixel art, but it's getting better :D I will make a post with more information about storyline and stuff like that later!

I made these yesterday before I went to sleep uwu Pet and Trii, spicing up this blog entry before I say goodbye!

That's it for now folks!


  1. Oooh, gamemakeri? SPENNENDE
    Jeg har sånn, null ferie før jul, men VI MÅ TREFFES EN GANG etter at du har flytta til Ålesund. <3 <3 <3 Jeg savner deg sånn ;_; Btw, er Pet rødhåret nå plutselig? O: I demand et oppdatert bilde av Mopias reinkarnerende Pet som jeg kjenner!

    1. Ooooh, jeg flytter den 18. oktober, så du får bare si ifra når du har tid og shit ;D <3
      Oooh, nei dette er en annen Pet O: Jeg har to Pet folk, hun ene i Elikas, også hun i Mopia. Jeg vurderer å bytte navn på en av dem til Pathes >:U

    2. Pathes... Lyder demigudelig for meg! Jeg stemmer for Mopiapet : D
      Krever likevel et oppdatert bilde! Hirr!

      wow, super crappy damn
      men hun har strengt tatt ikke endret seg så mye siden tidenes morgen, med unntak av at hun har kort hår nå huhu Også har hun ikke "uniform", så jeg tegner henne alltid i tilfeldige klær o: