Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Gamemaking: I am Alice!

I mentioned earlier that I have been working on a couple of games. It has been a dream of mine for a very long time now, and finally it is happening! My boyfriend bought rpgMaker vx ace for me during the steam summer sale, and it works wonders. I've been working on a story named Elikas (more known as just "the game") for a few years now, it's quite a big project and I've barely started maping and making sprites for it, but I realized pretty early on that I'm not really good enough at using rpg maker to make such a complicated game yet, so I started a smaller project.

"I am Alice!" is a small Alice in wonderland inspired creepy story I played around with some time ago, but I found the scetches and a few written parts for it while moving now and decided that this will be my main project for now.

The game centers around the storylines about four different people all named Alice. They all play different roles, one is a queen, then there is a lost rabbit, a mischevous outcast and a knight.

Rabbit-Alice, also known as Him.

Outcast-Alice, also know as It.

The knight-Alice, also known as They.
These are the talksprites for the mains, I had a lot of fun designing and then spriting them. It's not a very complicated style, thick lines and no shading, but it will fit in with the rest of the sprites. Right now I'm working on the tileset for the game, it's a lot of boring work, then there is the overworld sprites for the main characters and random other people.

The thing is, when I'm done with the tileset, I want some people to test drive the game for me. There will not be a lot of storyline going on, but I just need someone to run around, see if everything works and looks as it should! And then later test the game as I work my way through ploting and stuff!

So if you are up for it, just leave comment with you e-mail adress and I will contact you <3 

I will update again when I'm done with all the sprites! :D
See ya'll later folks!<3

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