Sunday, 2 March 2014

Where did Pet go? + random art!

Wow! Hello!

If you are uninterested in my personal life and want to see art, just cut to the end of the entry <3

The world outside the wide web sometimes takes it's toll! I just realized I haven't updated since October last year. When I last updated I had just moved to Ă…lesund with my boyfriend and let me tell you, a lot has happened since then.

The reason I moved from Nesset was because it was nearly impossible for me to get a job there. I ended up sitting day in day out on my butt locked up in my bedroom. I was starting to get really depressed because I was so antisocial. So my boyfriend and I talked back and forth a little bit, and then I ended up moving in with him!! :D

My main goal was to get a job so I had some income to pay for, well, most everything that I need to live, you know. So I've been on a serious job search the entire fall, going for jobs at places like the supermarket and kiosks and shit. But lets be honest, a tennager with barely any job experience and no drivers licsense ain't gonna have an easy time finding a job... So I ended up going to NAV for advice. The ladies I had a conversation with was really nice and helpful, unlike what many other people experience at NAV. They told me that there was more places I could search for jobs, not just the supermarket.

They started asking me about what kind of jobs I would like to have in the future. Like, what I was gonna study for. So I told them that I would like to work with troubled kids and teenagers. They where really quick with asking me if i would like to work in a kindergarden. Well yeah, but i don't have the education for that, that's what I told them. They could then inform me that education wasn't all that neccesary if I went for substitute jobs. My personality was more important, and that would be easy for someone as smiling and positive as me (thank you, thank you, it's really great to hear things like that :')).

And to cut it short now, I ended up searchign for jobs at two kindergardens. One of them is a really tiny garden and rarely needs my help. While the other one is big and there has been a lot of sickness going around, so I have had a lot of work lately! I thought working at a kindergarden would be completely stressing me out. But even thought it's tiresome, I've been having a lot of fun and it makes me feel a lot better about myself! So I now have a job that I really really enjoy, instead of something that I can't imagine I would like. I really like working with kids, and i feel like I'm sort of good with them, unlike adults, I'm no good with grown up people umu''

Things most always take a turn for the better uwu

Lately I've been kind of lazy on the artsy front. But I've got something! Been doing some digital art lately, how unusual :o

I've been into drawing random kawaii girls lately! I'm experimenting with strongly saturated colours. Time to burn some eyes out with our kawaii OUO
This is another random girl, I see her as a sort of happy-sona. I named this picture "I'm not unhappy1", it's kind of a vent picture because for periods I am really tired, but my boyfriend often think I'm sad or unhappy with my current situation. I have never been happier than now! Also, I sort of feel like this picture is unfinished, so i'm thinking about doing something more with it. Add some text or soemthing o:

I drew Kate and Pet :D This was a quick sketch just to experiment a little with colours, but I'm still quite happy with it :3

Hmmm, Pet again! I'm trying to do more poses that aren't just standing right up and down, and also poses that shows the characters personality. It's hard, so hard -cries- The legs on this was a fucking pain in the ass to do. The anatomy in this is generally kind of ugh, just ugh >_>

Ah wow, dark picture! I've been listening to the song "Circus Monster" by CircusP lately, so I wanted to draw a coverpicture of my old utauloid Dominique. I am sure that if I stull did utau covers I would have taken my try at the japanese version of this song! I am pretty pleased with this picture, even thought it's not very interesting to look at.

Wow, a unfinished picture! I worked for a really long time with this, but the more I did, the less I liked it haha... i just wanted to draw Daniel with the same kind of really colourful tired face I have! Superheavy bags under the eyes, red cheeks and shit. I'm starting to see some kind of beauty that is a face with "imperfections", so awesome! Although I am happy with the colours in this, I just felt like the anatomy is very off, and in the end i just gave up... Oh well

HEY A SLOWPOKE, my soul animal! Nothing much to say about this, it's a slowpoke, it's a colouring of a traditional sketch from some time ago. I like it uwu <3

Another slowpoke, in pixels uwu i'm thinking of animating it and shit! We'll see, at least I'm gonna finish the still version  <3 i can tell you that you will see more of this one in the future haha

That's it for now folks, maybe I'll be better at writing entries in the future. Probably not, but hey! At least I'm writing <3 bye bye!

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