Saturday, 29 March 2014

Elikas:The Game - First demo!

Hello again!

Wow, what a month! The second I decided when I was gonna put up the first part of the game my boss called me and gave me a lot of work haha :P I still managed though! So as promised, the first part of Elikas: the game, at the end of the month. 

This part contains the prologue and a tiny little piece of the first chapter. Here you will be introduced to the two main characters as well as the chance to explore a bit around the first city. The prologue is a very small part of the game itself, so you will probably go through it pretty fast. The later chapters will be longer. 

Now, I hope to force out some critiques from the very few people that might play through it. So I made a small survey of sorts to help out. It would be very helpful to me if you filled it after playing <3

-Did you die at any point:
-Was it at any time unclear what to do:
-At what level where you when you stopped playing:
-Did you find a shard before or after talking to Pet:
-Did you notice any bugs:
-Did anything else bother you:
-Ideas for monsters:

I'm starting on the first chapter now. It will take longer to complete than the prologue, but there will also be a lot more to do for you as a player. There will be many new characters, something which I am super excited about! As well as new quests and more map to explore.

Tiny lists of things that has to be done:
-Add people to Honisvagr.
-Finish the storage “dungeon”.
-Make more monster sprites.

Wow, that's it for now folks! :D

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