Thursday, 22 November 2012

Old stuff that I've made

Long time to see :D
So here I am again, and I am finally writing a proper post!
I found my old cell phone pictures, the pictures of some of the jewelry I've made, and I thought it was time to write a bit about them :3 The pictures aren't all that amazing, but it's better that nothing.
I was hoping to open an Etsy shop a beautiful day, but I haven't come that far yet, so I jsut sit around with a ton of jewelry that I won't use.
 A reindeer pendant made of silver, it was a task in school, and I am quiet happy with it :D 
The antlers were the hard part, my teacher was afraid they would probably break and that's why I incoperated the sami sun symbol behind it's head, my teacher loved it and my classmates semmed to love it, and I hope my friend who recieved it as agift loved it~
 This is a variety of hairclips that I've made, I really like the one with the cow button <3
 This project also started as a task in school, we were to create jewelry of things that weren't typically made to be  pretty, so I think I made three of these at school, but I never got them back, and then these at home.
 A bracelet to the left and necklace to the right. They are made of ribbon, beads and these little bottles that I filled with some white stuff~
 Everyone seems to like this necklace, but I'm not all that happy with it?
 A necklace (top) and bracelet (bottom) set, with maching key and keyhole :D
The bracelet is really large and falls of if i try to use it x3
 This is a double brooch, also with a key and keyhole, there's needles behind both the leaves :3 It's fun experimanting with pieces like this!
 A close-up of the brooch's keyhole
 Another bracelet, made of blue chan and random stuff, like that Miku x3 the little pink ball is a bell.
And this was originally a hairband, but the flower ornament kept falling off, so in the end I gave it up |: 

That's it for now folks, hopefully it wont take this long before the next time I blog :D 
Bye <3

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