Saturday, 26 May 2012

Eurovision song contest :D

Tonight is Eurovision song contest Baku.
So, it's been a thing for me the last for years to see the show, and even if I dislike most of the songs, I still really enjoy it xD Also, this year, I haven't heard any of the songs on beforehand, not even the norwegian one!
So I guess enjoy the night and the post, I'm going to comment on all the songs, so... uh :D

After noticing that I was an hour to early for the show, it finally started!
The opening show is just awesome, the stage is AMAZING, can't wait to see the performances later!
I must say, Russia had the most epic opening show, but Azerbajian is nor far away from that level!
Last year winners look fabolous too!

First out United Kingdom with the song Love will set you free.
Cute song, beutiful stage show. He is a very skilled singer too!
It's very good, but I think it's a bit to boring to win :/ a very typicall UK song I would say :)

Second Hungary and the song is Sound of Our Heart.
Vocalist sound really nervous...  I really don't like his voice, sorry, and the song is really boring.
Wow... this song is really bad, I just uh...

Third out now is Albania with the song Suus.
I like her voice, but the way she dress is questionable xD
The song is awesome, and the notes the singer hits it's just gaaaawd <3
I wish I understood what she is saying!

Fourth Lithuania and the song is named Love is blind!
This song is just really cliche >_>
It's kind of pretty, but I can't see it winning the contest.
Epic plot twist, stuff like that always blows me away

Sorry, had to eat, so ugh >_<
Russia was, what, I don't even, I don't think they are trying to win, but it was very cute anyway >u<
And iceland was just amazing, love it!

Eight song Cyprus.
I don't think the song is particularly good, it sounds like the singer is slightly of tune >-<

Ninth is France with ugh, didn't catch it... was looking at shirtless men...
Omg omg, hello lady, hallo Gentlemen.
The song is catchy too, kinda uniqe :o
and super sexy hahah >D

Tenth is Italy with the song L'amore é femmena
Wooh, she looks really cool and I love her voice.
I like this song! <3

Now Estonia and the song is Kuula.
Awww, I just want to hug him, so sweet <3 the song is just awww <3
Really good song, wish they did a little more on the stage though, a little more stage show.

And now NORWAY,  song is Stay.
Toji looks awesome as he enters the stage!
The song is good, but I don't really like the way Toji sings >.>
Still loving the song though and the stage show was good :D

Azerbajian with the song When the Music Dies.
She looks lovely, and the first impression of her voice is that this will be good <3
She's giving me the chills! The song and the stage show is awesome!!!

Now Romania and the song is Zalehila (?)
What bag pipes? This is kinda awesome! I WANT TO DANCE :DD
Super cute, but not very original, but I like it.
Everything is super sweet <3

DENMARK with the song Should've have Known Better.
It looks nice, and I think the song will be good, it's a bit boring now.
Still waiting...
They look good, but the song is boring >->

Now is Greece and the song is Aphrodisiac
 Oh, hello :D
Really wow, I LOVE the stage show and the dancing and they look so happy, even if the song isn't the best.
Now it is time for dancing again! -dancing-

And then it is Sweden with the song Euphoria
This is really good, I can see why they are one of the favorites!
woooh, really amazing stage show!!! 
Love <3

Now Turkey with Love me Back.
just super fancy, if he sings good, I'm gonna love it <3
This song is super much fun :D He sings with a bit too much vibrato, but it's still pretty cool :D
Loving it <3

Now España with the song ... something spanish :D (stay with me)
Mmh... okay, but meh...
She's not a bad singer, but the song is boring...
Okay, shit, her voice is awesome! but the song D:

next out is Germany with the song Standing still.
This song is super adorable, but not very exciting :)
And it sounds like the singer doesn't hit all the notes.

Out now is Malta and the song is This is the Night.
First impression: cool :D
The song isn't the best, but just the way they act on stage is a big plus, loving stage show <3
Actually I really like them! So energic :3

F.Y.R Makedonia with the song danjvdjnvajndjkafb >m>
It's good, i love her voice and the piano, but I can see a guitar and drumset in the background >D
OMG YESSSSS, niiiiiiceeeeee <3
I think this might be one of my favorite songs gawd <3 so goooood!
Guitar SOLO!
Let me love this <3

Now out is Ireland with the song Waterline
Oh gawd, it's them :D they are so cute, but I don't like they're voices, it sounds so sour D:
But I will always love the way they act on stage, so energic and cute <3
awww <3

Out now is Serbia and the song is ... kjnkjjkn STOP IT D:
Oh nice, so pretty, let me tell you about my love for violins >D
Vocalist doesn't sound bad either.
oh oh ho, yess, so pretty <3
I really like this song <3

Ukraine with the song Be My Guest.
Love her headwear :D The song is okay, it's energic and that's good, a dance for this one too <3
But it's not super catchy though >-> She is a good vocal though.

Last but not least Moldova and the song is Lautar... or something.
Yess, Moldova is doing it again, super cute and funny <3
Aww, I really like this song :3 I love the dancers, they are so cute heaha :D

What is your meaning of this years Eurovision? What is your favorite song? your least favorite?


  1. ....My best friend is an Eurovision geek... oh lord

  2. Impulsiv blogging ass
    Dette må du lese selv en gang siden. Jeg skjønner at du har sittet med laptopen i fanget mens dette har pågått, men... lol.

    1. Det er sikkert såååå mye skrive feil og stuff haha >D shaaaaame on me~

    2. Skamme seg indeed! FY SKAMME SEG :U