Thursday, 31 May 2012

Five things I want

Hello people!

This is stupid, but I wanted to write about it, so I guess it goes :D
So this is five things I want that I'm hopefully gonna buy soon <3

1. A straw hat
I want a straw hat that I can use in the summer, and I guess I will buy one the second I have money again! I want one that is really big and preferably with a bow or something, it will go so well with my SUPER dorky heart shaped sunglasses B)

2. A pair of white lolita shoes
I almost never wear dark clothing anymore and the only pair of nice shoes I have are black, it would just be great to have a new pait of shoes.
I love shoes!

3. A laser harp
I just found this amazing thing a few days ago, and I think I have fallen in love <3
And I really want to start playing an instrument, I just thought this would be a fun one to do! 

4. The "Dear Celine" Little Bunny JSK
I have wanted this JSK from the first time I saw it and I have been planningt to buy it for a long time, hopefully I'm gonna get it before the winter <3
5. Alberta
Alberta is a doll by Doll-Chateu that I have wanted for some time now, so I'm finally going to buy her after school starts :3

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