Thursday, 7 March 2013

Being busy busy and Alberta

Long time no write :B

Schools been really busy lately, it's amazing how much shit I'm supposed to to in so little time -weeps- I just recently had two presentations, one in history and one in norwegian, both where really important for the grade in both sunject. History presentation was about a historical person, and as I love everything baroque and rococo, I had to choose Marie Antoinette :O It went pretty well, I would say, even if I started messing up at one part and acidentally cursed. The presentation in norwegian was one of the biggest tasks we get during our three years in secondary school, you pick a theme and make a task out of it, then you do tons of research and learn all the shit you can muster about your theme before you finally have your presentation. My theme of choice was 'children books', as I absolutely adore childrens litterature. So I read a ton of books, including some classics like "Alice in wonderland" and "Charlie and the chocolatefactory" <3

Anyway, I'm gonna post a few photos I took of Alberta some time ago! I hope you enjoy ;3

If you want to see more pictures of Alberta, check out my Tumblr

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